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Hello friends and clients! It’s, Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration, your carpet cleaner. I have an exciting offer for you today. But first ask yourself this…

Do you want your carpet to look and perform like it did when it was brand new?

Of course you do! Who wants their carpet to look dirty and wear out fast? Well, cleaning your carpet is the first step to making it beautiful and giving it an extra long life…but there is something more you can do! Not only will it make your carpet perform like it did when it was new, but it will also get you my “No Spots And No Traffic Lanes Insurance For 6 Months – Absolutely Free!” What exactly am I talking about?

“Carpet Protection.” Now, I know from experience that a lot of people are reluctant to get Carpet Protection applied to their carpet when they have it cleaned. But think about this…Your carpet is made up of hundreds of thousands of fibers. These fibers are porous. When you purchased your carpet it came from the factory with a protective coating on each fiber. But, time, normal wear and tear and cleaning diminishes the protection. And, when those fibers are not “protected” soils adhere very easily to the fiber, breaking it down. Suddenly your carpet fibers appear frayed. Traffic lanes will appear dull and worn. Spills will not clean up as easily and may even stain. So, if you want your carpet to look and perform like it did when it was new then it is absolutely necessary to reapply this carpet protection on a regular basis. “But other companies have applied Carpet Protection before, and I didn’t notice a difference.” As I mentioned before this is the number one reason people resist re-applying the Carpet Protection. You see, if it didn’t work then there are reasons why. Was it mixed to the proper ratio? Was the proper sprayer used with the appropriate spray tip? What about the rate of application? All of these variables play a large part in the results of the final product. Call Today And Save Money…Pick up the phone and call 419-529-6422 right now and you’ll save $25.00 off your cleaning AND you’ll get $25.00 worth of Carpet Protection for FREE! PLUS you get my “No Spots And No Traffic Lanes Insurance For 6 Months – Absolutely Free!” That’s $50.00* in cash and savings! But hurry I can only offer this deal until June 30, 2022. So don’t delay call now to get the best carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning in Mansfield Ohio!

Discover How To Save Money and Your Carpet!
$25.00 Off Your Carpet Cleaning, Area Rugs, Tile & Grout, Air Ducts, Upholstery, & Hardwood Floors
$25.00 Off Carpet Protection
Plus, “No Spots And No Traffic Lanes Insurance For 6 Months”
Special is good until June 30, 2022

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