July Savings: You Wouldn’t Go Into The Hot Summer Sun Without Sun Protection Would You?

You Wouldn’t Go Into The Hot Summer Sun
Without Sun Protection Would You?

   Hello friend! Of course, we know the importance of protecting our skin during the heat of summer. Well, just like you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, you also need to protect your carpet, one of your home’s most expensive investments, from the harmful effects of daily wear and tear.

What Is “Carpet Protection”?

When your carpet was new from the factory, each fiber was protected with a product that created a resistance to stains, soils, and oils. Your sun protection extends the life and beauty of your skin, and carpet protection helps extend the life and beauty of your carpet.

Even though your carpet came with a coating of factory applied protection, this finish gets reduced with time, wear, and cleanings. The result? Your carpet fibers become as vulnerable as a baby’s soft skin on a hot day at the beach. And you have a carpet that’s at the mercy of stains, break down from soils, and permanent traffic lanes.
You can’t find this kind of protection at the corner drugstore, but you can get it from me. After your cleaning, I can re-apply a factory approved product that will keep your carpet looking and performing as good as new.

“How Do I Know If The Carpet Protection Is Working?”

You want your carpet to perform as it did when it was new from the factory. If a good quality product is applied properly, you will have carpet that resists stains and wear and tear. So don’t go out into the summer heat without your sun protection and don’t let your carpets “age” prematurely, get professional carpet cleaning protection from me. So call Shambaugh’s Cleaning & Restoration Mansfield Ohio at 419-529-6422 to get scheduled!

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