Drain back up-Sewer loss….Stay Safe

We see water back up’s everyday here in Ohio. Usually a tree root is blocking an outside drain. The roots blocking your drains and sewer don’t allow the harmful waste to continue its journey into the sewer system. This is where Shambaughs can help. We specialize in cleaning and sanitizing your home after a sewer back-up. We can even get a plumber on-site to snake out the line for you. 

Sewer back-ups contain harmful bacteria, fungi, and are grossly unsanitary. Definitely not something you would want to try and clean up yourself. The bacteria in the water and sludge can cause severe sickness and even death if the infection is left untreated. Drain back-ups are something to take very seriously. Shambaugh’s offers a FREE consultation . Give us a call any day and any time. 419-529-6422.  Our certified superior technicians are standing by to help you get your home safe and healthy again.