Moldy Dirty Furnace Ducts….Feeling sick and tired in Mansfield Ohio

 Most homes have never had their air ducts cleaned, as a result your air ducts are crying out for you to clean them. You can almost hear them crying… clean me clean me every time your furnace starts up to cool or heat your home. 

 Have you ever imagined what (kind of creepy crawlies) lurk deep down inside the mysterious dark interior of your furnace ducts? Picture your ducts lined with puffy white residue of mildew, the slimy green and black mold, the dead and dried parts of spiders, insects and rodents galore living in your ducts. Have you ever looked into a microscope and visualized tiny little microscopic particles the magic of the lens allows you to see. 

The same dust that settles on your shelves, your furniture, your counter tops and a dozen more places in your home. Places you and your family touch, breath and live in everyday. Think about what happens when the fan in your furnace or air-conditioner is moving that so-called clean air in your home. Visualize all those little microscopic particles of dead spiders, insects, and rodent parts, mold and mildew and dust and dirt being blown into the air you and your family breathe everyday. Now as you visualize yourself in your home take a deep breathe of air and picture all those dead spiders, insects and dead rodent parts, all those spores from the mold and mildew , and all those tiny dust particles and dirt from your furnace and air ducts being inhaled deep down inside your lungs right now. This is what your family and friends breath every time their in your home. Not a good feeling is it? Improve your health without diet or pills. Have the professionals at Shambaughs clean you furnace ducts. We have been Mansfield Ohio’s premier duct cleaner since 1985. Call today and we will sanitize them for FREE!