September Specials: Discover This “No Brainer” Solution To Protecting One Of Your Home’s BIGGEST Investments….

Discover This “No Brainer” Solution To Protecting One Of Your Home’s BIGGEST Investments….

Hello friend!  Can you believe how fast summer flew by?  First it’s rush the kids off to school, and next thing you know the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season will be here.  Who has time to think about carpet cleaning when there is so much else to do?  Not you!  So don’t!  Just trust your favorite carpet cleaner to take care of everything with my “No Brainer” offer.

Remember the 4th Grade?

This really isn’t rocket science.  It’s more like “cause and effect” just like you learned in Science class in the 4th grade.  Here it goes:

Your home has a big investment of carpet in it = the carpet needs cleaning every 6- 12 months.  You use a great carpet cleaner (me)  = your carpet will look beautiful and last longer.  You are living a super busy, fast paced life = you use a carpet cleaner (me again) with a “No Brainer” offer and you have one less thing in your life to think about! 

The ABC’s Of Carpet Care

So what’s all this “No Brainer” talk about?  It’s as simple as “ABC”. 

A:  You call me and schedule a cleaning in September. 
B:  You save $25 just for calling. 
C:  You get a FREE touch up of spots and spills before your Holiday guests arrive. (A $99 value!)

 It’s a real No Brainer! 

PLUS, to make this offer even more “No Brainer–ish”  (I made that word up.)  I’m going to apply carpet Protection to the room in your house that gets the most traffic up to a $35 value – for free!  I want you to be able to enjoy the benefits of carpet protection and it’s “on me” this month.  So try it out! 

Just call me today at 419-529-6422 and you’ll feel smarter by the day’s end.  But hurry, I’m only extending this “No Brainer” offer to people who call before September 30, 2015!

Feel Smarter By the Day’s End!

Call Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration 419-529-6422
by September 30, 2015 and receive: 
$25.00* Cash off your cleaning!
(Carpet, Tile/Grout, Upholstery)

PLUS – you get free spots and spills cleaned up before your holiday guests arrive!*
PLUS you get one room of Free Carpet Protection!*

That’s up to $159* in freebies 
Now that’s what I call a No Brainer!
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*Not valid with other offers. Spot & Spill clean up is worth our $155 minimum. 
The carpet protection is worth up to $35.00 & the discount is $25.00
*Some restrictions apply.  Not valid with other offers.