Air Duct Cleaning: Why “Too Good to be True” Prices Are Exactly That!

Choosing an air duct cleaner is not easy. Just last week we were cleaning the carpet in the home of a client who had used another company to clean their air ducts. The results of the company’s inadequate cleaning are evident in the black residue found on the carpet next to the air duct vents. When companies do not have the right equipment or educate their employees to clean properly, the consequence is the dust and debris that have collected in your air ducts is loosened but not all of it is removed during their cleaning process. After they leave, you turn your heat or air conditioning on and everything they have loosened is blown out of the air ducts and into your home.

Unfortunately, there are many companies in the industry which do not have the proper equipment to do the job. Nor do these companies have well-trained technicians who take pride in their work. Shambaugh Cleaning and Restoration in Mansfield, Ohio is dedicated to providing you with both, with the experience and a guarantee to back it up!

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