Hardwood Refinishing Mansfield Ohio


Are you looking to refinish those hardwood floors? Are they dull or worn looking. Or maybe they just look a little old. Well…we can help those hardwoods look new again with our patented process. We are usually able to refinish your hardwoods in one day. We leave no messy dust, and your home will NOT smell like you live inside a paint can for the next month.

     Shambaugh’s Offers a “Dustless” Hardwood Floor Refinishing right here in Mansfield. We also serve Ashland, Galion, Bellville, Shelby, and most of Central Ohio. Our unique process removes your old finish with no dust and very little odor. After your finish is removed we apply our high quality top coat. The top coat is available in Satin , Semi Gloss or High Gloss. On average the top coat lasts 10-20 years. The amount of animals and people per household can greatly add or deminish years to the top coat. Most floors are able to have light foot traffic in as little as 8 hours. In twenty four yours you are able to put all your furniture back. In 72 Hours you are able to put your rugs back.